ABOUT - DNA Cultura
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RedString Pictures is a multimedia entertainment company funded in 2016 by Diego Loreggian, which integrates the audio-visual tradition with the most sophisticated and innovative digital technologies to open new expressive possibilities to the traditional production way. The Team is composed by film production professionals and innovative digital artists. Thanks to the experience of its international partners, Redstring is an extremely dynamic production company moving more and more towards international markets and expanding its artistic and distributive activity.


Diego Loreggian started working in 2001 as a graphic and motion designer for Hollywood features, such as: “Hannibal”, “The Merchant of Venice”, and “The Italian Job”. In 2005 he founded DNA Cultura, company that works with museum exhibits through the use of new media technologies and collaborated with the most important museums in the world. He has also worked as a visual effects supervisor and line producer on numerous international productions filmed in Italy: “The Borgias”, “The Twilight Saga – New Moon”, “Casino Royal” and “Inferno”. In 2014 he has produced the short film/pilot Doppia Luce, winner of 35 awards and 70 official selections worldwide and for which he was awarded the Glass Lion at the 72nd Venice Film Festival as Best Emerging Italian Producer. In 2016 he founded the multimedia entertainment company RedString Pictures and produces the short film “Moby Dick” with Kasia Smutniak, winner of the 2017 Silver Ribbon as Best Italian Short Film.


Robert Ribisi is a Canadian motion picture producer. He is a two-time winner of the award for Best Motion Picture from the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television. Ribisi has produced more than thirty feature films, over 200 hours of television programming, and has worked with many major Hollywood studios and television networks. Robert Ribisi became involved in the film industry at an early age. His father was head of development for Pathé in Paris. Ribisi made his first production at the age of eighteen for HBO tv series. He has lived in France, Italy, India and Australia; he chose to settle in Canada with his parents at the age of fifteen, where he has lived ever since. He has won accolades around the world, including also Lifetime Achievement Awards from both the Producers Guild of Canada and America.