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About This Project

The sea. Haven of redemption or unavoidable shipwreck. Moby Dick, a small, rusty fishing boat that has lost its captain, knows exactly what it means to cut through the water in search of tomorrow. In search of a future. But its current captain, that new improvised leader, is not strong enough to rapidly haul in the nets. She is not knowledgeable about currents and fishy places. She is unable to keep a cool head and react to the unexpected tricks constantly pulled by the waves. Bianca is thirty-five years old, and she is just a caring mother, not a sea dog. But, out of love for her son and despair originated from the empty space left by her husband, she tries to take his place leading the vessel, turning herself into an improvised night fisher of hopes and dreams. Dreams that become interwoven with the ones of a group of illegal immigrants, squeezed in the belly of a boat and close to suffocation. Dreams that become interwoven with the ones of a black woman with eyes full of tears and fears. Two parallel journeys that end up overlapping, in search of an impossible salvation, despite an almost inevitable shipwreck. At all costs. Against the odds and common sense. This is the story of Bianca. Bianca and a rusty whale. Moby Dick.


Nicola Sorcinelli


Nicola Sorcinelli, Damiano Bruè



Produced by

Diego Loreggian, Luca Degani, Pietro Malegori

In Association with

Simmetrico Cultura


Kasia Smutniak, Martina Sammarco