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Our Team offers a complete services of analysis, assistance and managing for every stage of the production process. From the early days of script development and budget drafting, to the realization of storyboards and concept art, fundamental instruments to develop and present an audiovisual project at its best. Not only we specialize in production across the whole national territory, but also we stand as a landmark for international productions coming to shoot in Italy. Moreover, RedString provides high quality equipment and technical staff thanks to its partnership with some of the best European technical suppliers, allowing access, amongst others, to aerial shots with drone devices, 3D Stereoscopy, Virtual Reality and 360°.
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Pratiche Fiscali e Legali

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Product Placement

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Storyboard / Concept Art

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With more than ten years of experience, our team provides innovative solutions customized on the unique needs of each project.  RedString follows the whole post-production process: visuals (3D, Compositing, Color Grading, Editing); audio (Sound effects, Dubbing, Sound mixing, Original soundtrack) and promotion (Trailer, Promo, Graphics, Social Media). We collaborate with famous italian and international artists and composers to construct an image in its every detail and realize it at its best. RedString teams up with digital artists and musicians able to answer every request to realize all the interactions of a scene: from actors’ movement, background, visual and audio effects.
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3D / Compositing

VFX / Motion Graphics

Color Grading


Titoli / Sottotitoli


Effetti Sonori / Mix

Musiche Originali

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RedString è partner di DNA Cultura, un network di creativi, project manager ed esperti in tecnologie multimediali che realizza progetti in ambito museale, padiglioni espositivi e ideazione di eventi. Dal 2007 DNA Cultura si è dedicato alla produzione di eventi in Italia e all’estero, nel tempo si è trasformato in un centro studi specializzato nell’ideazione e gestione di sistemi complessi e ha fatto dell’integrazione fra le diverse discipline creative il suo punto di forza. Per DNA Cultura la costruzione del progetto, che si tratti di un museo o di un evento, inizia con l’individuazione di un concept narrativo che, integrando forme, linguaggi e contenuti, diventa comunicazione culturale.
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